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About the Farm

Welcome to Cobargo Farm
Open Garden and Working Farm

Welcome to Cobargo Farm

Our unique open garden farm is situated on 19 acres on the outskirts of Cobargo's historical working village.

Cobargo Farm not only produces seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables for you to buy and or admire, but also stocks limited flowers in season to beautify your own garden.

A visit to the farm will give you an opportunity to spend time with our animals and explore our beautiful gardens.

Farm tours are available and suitable for all ages.

For further information please contact us here.

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Some interesting facts about the farm

Cobargo Farm has been established for over 21 years.


Janet and her family built the farm up from barren land, to make it the beautiful place it is today, everything you see on Cobargo Farm has been planted and or erected by Janet, her family and her team members, past and present.


Cobargo Farm has an enormous underground irrigation system covering 90% of its 19 acres, this irrigation system is connected to the 7 mega Lt dam on the farm grounds, this system keeps our 5 acres of ploughed growing fields watered.Tour packages are available to bus companies, schools, groups and individuals, contact the farm for more information.


Please note that "Most" of the grounds are Disability Accessible, including our public Restroom.


Another fun fact you may not know is, there are enormous amount of Roses and abundance of Orchids around the property along side a large variety of different kinds of fauna and flora.

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